Free delivery in Ukraine!

We understand the importance of timely delivery of goods. But besides this, we believe that delivery should be free of charge. Therefore, when buying any 3D printer bq - delivery of new mail in Ukraine - at our expense!   You can order it in our shop:

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ICC color profile for professional photo printing

If printing photos for you is just a hobby, and not a profession, then the question of color transfer, with the use of high-quality ink and photo paper for you, most likely, in general, will not be particularly critical. However, it is recommended to use an ICC color profile for professional photo printing.   If you are our client and use OCP inks - if you do not want us, we will create a color profile for you for free!   To do this, send an application to with the name of your printer,   a series of ink, a brand of photo paper for which you need a profile. Your specialists will contact you immediately.

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Wholesale online store supplies for printing!

We not only are engaged in refueling and restoration of cartridges for printers, copiers and other office equipment, but also we realize original and compatible ink, cartridges, account materials. Make orders with us! PROS: - Current prices - Product search convenience - Fast and convenient order   See for yourself:

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